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Homeopathic Software: RemedyNotes and Double Happiness Free

John began work in 1999 on a piece of software designed to run his Homeopathy practice. There was nothing else available on the market at that time and so he decided that he would have to create something for himself. 

It worked so well that he rewrote it as a piece of software that would be useful for any practising homeopath.


The software package is called “Double Happiness”. It covers all aspects of running a practice from prescriptions to finances, from correspondence to essential record keeping. 

Using “Double Happiness”, the homeopath’s practice becomes much more manageable. It also makes research much easier to do - for example, you can look at all your patients who have MS and compare the prescriptions you’ve made.


“Double Happiness” was owned by the Society of Homeopaths, but now belongs to John again. It is now available as free software - go to Double Happiness Free

If you have an questions, please do contact John on (01394) 411174 or email him at


Since then he has continued to think about how software could make a Homeopath's life easier and has produced a new piece of software called "RemedyNotes". 

This is a specially designed database to hold all the seminar and study notes that a busy Homeopath will accumulate - and allow those notes  to be fully indexed and cross-reference. So that you can always find your way back to that vital bit of information when you need it. Do go and download a free Demo version of "RemedyNotes" at