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Tai Chi Classes

I stopped teaching my Tai Chi classes at the end of the Spring term, 2019.

I have passed the class in Knodishall into the capable hands of Brian Lowry whose details are set out below.

I am planning to go through the form from time to time, on the green beside the village sign in Boyton, and you are welcome to join me. I will not be there as the teacher but simply as a fellow fan of the Tai Chi. 

To find out the dates and to let me know if you plan to come, please email me at

Tai Chi in Knodishall with Brian Lowry

Yang Long Form, Gerda Geddes style

Knodishall Village Hall

Most sessions involve a gentle warm up, some Chi Kung, and teaching and practice of the form.

Starting on Thursday 25th April and going through to 11th July with a half term break on Thursday 30th May and a break for the Council Election on Thursday 2nd May. 

Ten sessions – Improvers: 10 – 11 am, and Beginners: 11.15 – 12.15 

Fees £50 for 10 sessions payable on the first session. 

Or pay as you go £6 a session.

Please contact Brian for further details by emailing to:

or phoning: 07805001313